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Exchange Reported Short Interest History for NYSE:GME

Settlement DateReleased DateShares ShortShort % of FreeFloatDTC
15th Feb 201927th Feb 201932.92m54.4611.78
28th Feb 201911th Mar 201935.27m58.3511.77
15th Mar 201926th Mar 201938.52m63.7312.32
29th Mar 20199th Apr 201937.92m62.7311.56
15th Apr 201924th Apr 201941.27m68.275.93
30th Apr 20199th May 201939.30m65.0110.35
15th May 201924th May 201939.84m65.9015.40
31st May 201911th Jun 201941.92m69.3411.83
14th Jun 201925th Jun 201946.91m77.603.68
28th Jun 201910th Jul 201947.83m79.1311.19
15th Jul 201924th Jul 201966.89m110.668.49
31st Jul 20199th Aug 201957.23m94.679.01
15th Aug 201926th Aug 201958.09m96.1012.68
30th Aug 201911th Sep 201960.38m99.896.60
13th Sep 201924th Sep 201960.73m100.475.03
30th Sep 20199th Oct 201962.21m102.916.75
15th Oct 201924th Oct 201964.83m107.2511.54
31st Oct 201912th Nov 201964.96m107.4617.56
15th Nov 201926th Nov 201967.27m111.2823.24
29th Nov 201910th Dec 201967.24m111.2424.11
13th Dec 201924th Dec 201968.95m114.0711.83
31st Dec 201910th Jan 202062.68m103.6912.96
15th Jan 202027th Jan 202065.16m107.8014.86
31st Jan 202011th Feb 202063.37m104.8323.76
14th Feb 202026th Feb 202066.32m109.7125.93
28th Feb 202010th Mar 202068.13m112.7121.42
13th Mar 202024th Mar 202062.51m103.4218.08
31st Mar 20209th Apr 202055.99m92.6311.62
15th Apr 202024th Apr 202058.84m97.3512.31
30th Apr 202011th May 202057.02m94.3314.84
15th May 202027th May 202055.59m91.9722.13
29th May 20209th Jun 202056.34m93.2025.37
15th Jun 202024th Jun 202059.99m99.2411.53
30th Jun 202010th Jul 202054.56m90.2617.03
15th Jul 202024th Jul 202053.50m88.5025.82
31st Jul 202011th Aug 202054.52m90.2020.82
14th Aug 202025th Aug 202055.69m92.1315.50
31st Aug 202010th Sep 202057.86m95.7215.96
15th Sep 202024th Sep 202066.41m109.866.10
30th Sep 20209th Oct 202068.63m113.535.62
15th Oct 202026th Oct 202070.34m116.363.55
30th Oct 202010th Nov 202066.81m110.528.11
13th Nov 202024th Nov 202067.45m111.5914.05
30th Nov 20209th Dec 202067.98m112.468.72
15th Dec 202024th Dec 202068.13m112.706.89
31st Dec 202012th Jan71.20m117.786.14
15th Jan27th Jan61.78m102.212.10
29th Jan9th Feb21.41m35.421.00
12th Feb24th Feb16.47m27.241.00
26th Feb9th Mar14.20m23.491.00
15th Mar24th Mar10.19m16.851.00
31st Mar9th Apr10.70m17.691.00
15th Apr26th Apr11.11m18.381.13
30th Apr11th May11.82m19.552.11
14th May25th May11.97m19.813.15
28th May9th Jun11.97m19.801.45
15th Jun24th Jun9.67m16.001.00
30th Jun12th Jul8.22m13.611.56
15th Jul26th Jul8.08m13.362.78
30th Jul10th Aug7.66m12.683.38
13th Aug24th Aug7.57m12.532.50

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