Track live Indian financial markets, news, monitor your stocks and trade on the move.
SBICAP Securities Limited introduces a SBISMART MOBILE TRADER APP – an exclusive stock trading mobile based application for your phone. You can view latest quotes, execute or cancel trades, access research reports, get live research calls and do much more instantly. Be it a beginner or an active trader, SBISMART Mobile Trader app provides you with the right and informative tools for quick decision making. You need not be tied down to a particular place in order to keep a watch on the market and to place your trade. The stock markets can now be accessed with our exhaustive mobile application anytime, even when you are on the go.
With our SBISMART Mobile Trader App you can enjoy the following benefits:
• Get live quotes and messages
• Place orders – Modify, Square off or cancel pending orders
• Lien / Unlien Funds / Stocks
• Create your own market watch
• Check and manage available funds
• Check Order Status and Positions
• Track live markets of NSE and BSE
• Access to live research calls from our research team, media and other sources
• Get stock information in depth
• View scrip rankings and access to comprehensive research tools to analyze the stocks
So what are you waiting for ? Do not miss out on any trading opportunity. Access our mobile app at anytime, from anywhere. To become a SBISMART customer click here: and get FREE access to the mobile application.

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