Fortnites Week 2 challenges are just about here. One of Season 5s weekly challenges (now called epic quests) will task you with finding clues in Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake, and Pleasant Park. This guide will show you how to find each clue so you can complete the challenge quickly.

This challenge leaked early--check back on Thursday to try it yourself.

What Are The Clues In Fortnite Season 5?

Im not sure if these clues point to something bigger this season, but each location contains golden items, like toilets and gnomes, along with a chest. They arent worth anything but youll need to locate one clue in each location in order to complete the challenge.

Where Are The Clues In Each Location?

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Parks clue is located on the second story of one of the named locations houses. Its the one with three windows on the second floor, as shown in the image below. Walk inside and head up the stairs.

a © Provided by Gamespot Pleasant Park Clue

Once upstairs you should see two posters immediately to your left. Thats the clue you need at this named location. Walk up to it to complete this segment of the challenge.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lakes clue is hidden in the basement of one of the houses at the very tip of the named location. Head into the house with the 1 address and go down the stairs to the right. Keep going and youll eventually find the room shown in the image below.

a © Provided by Gamespot Holly Hedges Clue

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges clue is located in a small maintenance building between the named location and the new store thats immediately left of it. Its located in the bottom left corner on the edge of Holly Hedges, shown in the image below:

a © Provided by Gamespot Holly Hedges Clue

Walk inside and then open the door to the left, youll find the clue.

a © Provided by Gamespot Holly Hedges Clue

What Do I Get For Finding All Three Clues?

Youll get 20,000 experience points for finding all three clues. Fortnites challenge system is somewhat different this season, daily and weekly challenges have been renamed. Weekly challenges are now called epic quests, like this one, and are worth 20,000 experience points per challenge.

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