In this article on election stocks to buy, master stock trader Bryan Bottarelli reveals the one trade you MUST make before the November election.


It surrounds something that might make you uncomfortable, and that honestly, I’d rather not have to talk about…but it’s a reality in the world we live in today.

This particular election stock to buy is closely related to self-defense and all of the social unrest we’re seeing in our society as of late. Right now, I think we MUST place a larger emphasis on companies that gain investor attention during times of social unrest.

Leading into the November election, I cannot think of a time period in my life where we could be setting up for more intense social unrest.

If you think back to when Al Gore lost the 2000 Presidential election to George Bush…it came down to 537 votes in Florida. During this re-count, the markets were in limbo – and falling – as Wall Street hates uncertainty.

If you recall, the markets lost 5% very quickly. And to my eye, this same level of uncertainty is exactly what we have coming towards us again now. It feels like our country is pouring out gasoline – lighting a match – and seeing what’ll happen.

The potential for an explosion is tremendously high. And right now – with today’s social media and news flow – it’s amplified even more.

It took between Election Day – until December 13th – to officially name a winner back in 2000. Think of how polarizing this will be if this happens again here in 2020.

Two Election Stocks to Buy

My message to you today is simple…if something like this happens again – You want to be ready.

I’ve long been an advocate of Axon Enterprise #AAXN, who makes non-lethal conducted energy weapons (such as the Taser). But right now, I believe that Smith & Wesson Brands (Nasdaq: SWBI) is the stock to buy before the November election.


Bryan graduated with a business degree from the highly rated Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and his first job out of college was trading stock options on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He was mentored by some of the country’s top floor traders in the heart of the technology boom from 1999 to 2000, where he learned to identify and implement some of his most powerful trading secrets. Now he shares his secrets with a group of elite traders. We will be republishing some of his highly sought after content from his free e-letter, Trade of the Day.

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