Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies USAOur core businesses include the development, manufacture, specification, and sales of materials for the  IT, Energy, Electronics, Transportation, and Functional Chemical industries.

III-V Epitaxial Wafer Foundry


Engineering Plastics for Connectors, Automotive, Industrial Applications


Resorcinol Resins for Tire and Rubber Production

Electronic Materials: Polarizing Film, Light Guide Plates, OLED & PLED

Semiconductor Display Materials, Photoresists, Wet Chemistry

Lithium Battery Membranes for Automotive and Home Batteries

Epitaxial WafersManufacture and sales of Epitaxial Wafers including HBT, pHEMT, Diodes and VCSELs for wireless, semiconductor, optical, automotive and smart phone industries

ResorcinolKey technologies for the tire, rubber goods, wood adhesive, dyes, UVA, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and personal care.

Penacolite® ResinsKey technologies for the tire, and rubber goods industries.

Polymer AdditivesKey technologies for synthetic resin and synthetic rubbers during polymerization and usage.

Rubber ChemicalsKey technologies for the tire, and rubber goods industries.

Super Engineering PlasticsManufacture and Sales of Engineering Plastics including LCP, PES, E101, Epoxy, Sumiploy® and IGETABOND™

PES GrindingManufacture and Sales of Specialized Grinding used in advanced composite industries.

Photoresist & Wet ChemicalsDevelopment and sales of Photoresist and Wet Chemicals products for ARF, EUV, Iline & KRF for semiconductor lithography processes

HPA & Lithium Battery Separators Development and sales of HPA & Lithium Battery Separators with a growing and diversified product portfolio including automotive and other industries.

Optical FilmsDevelopment and supply of polarizing film for smartphone, tablet and automotive industries.

New Business VenturesSumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies has created new value added services to enhance Sumitomo Chemical’s presence with their US customers.

What We Do

We’re here to provide the highest quality products on time.


Our Quality Policy

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies is committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering the highest quality cost efficient products on time. Our company will pursue continual improvement by promoting an environment that values and develops its people and business processes with active support from top management.


Our Environmental Policy

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies seeks to provide products that meet our customer’s, employee’s and the community’s environmental expectations. As an ISO 14001:2015 certified supplier, our company seeks to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and create a work environment that enables our employees to work injury-free. This is consistent with our values and is integral to our continual improvement.

Our Parent Company

About Sumitomo Chemical Group

Sumitomo Chemical was established in 1913 to manufacture fertilizers from sulfur dioxide emitted from smelting operations at the Besshi copper mine in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, with the aim of solving environmental problems caused by the emissions.

“We must not merely seek business profits but must contribute broadly to society through our business activities.” -Sumitomo Chemical, founded with the dual goals of eliminating pollution and helping increase crop yields, has upheld this founding principle as it has evolved in keeping with the changing times.

At present, the Sumitomo Chemical Group operates businesses in five sectors – Petrochemicals & Plastics, Energy & Functional Materials, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals – and provides products worldwide that support a wide variety of industries and help people’s daily lives.


Our Epitaxial Foundry

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies manufactures custom epitaxial wafers using MOCVD (Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition) in our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, AZ.


ISO 14001:2015 Certified Supplier

Sumitomo Chemical Group seeks to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and create a work environment that enables our employees to work injury-free.


Doing Business As:

On April 1, 2017, Sumika Electronic Materials officially changed our name to Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies. The name change reflects our expanding product offering, affiliation with Sumitomo Chemical’s global network, and dedication to offering high quality advanced technology solutions to our customers. Your company contact will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our Certifications:

Certified Management System ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015


Our Parent Company:

Sumitomo Chemical Group celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary in 2015.

Company Snapshot

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. located in Phoenix Arizona. In 2003, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. purchased the assets of ATMI’s GaAs epiwafer business and formed two new companies in Japan and the U.S. to strengthen its position in the market. Sumika Electronic Materials has been chartered to serve the global Semiconductor, Electronics, and IT-related industries.


Manufacturing Snapshot

  • 50,000 sq. ft facility, 6000 sq. ft. clean room
  • Development and Production of Epitaxial Wafers for HBT, pHEMT, LED, Diode, and Solar Energy Applications
  • PES Grinding for the Composites Industry
  • Production of Penacolite Compounding Resins, High Purity Alumina, and Super Engineering Plastics


Development & Sales

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies also handles Sumitomo Chemical’s IT-Related Businesses for the Americas Region. This includes the selling and distribution of:

  • SEP Materials
  • Photoresist Resins and Chemicals
  • Epitaxial Wafers
  • Polarizing Films

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