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The toys shown are representative though more than one may exist per character. N/A as in not applicable means the character did not appear in the movies or such a toy was not made.

List of Characters

Name Animated Brushable Toy Ponyville Figurine


Applejackcartoon.jpg Applejack.JPG N/A

Cheerilee (G3, I)

1Cheerileecartoon.jpg StylingCheerilee.jpg N/A

Cheerilee (G3, II)

2Cheerileecartoon.jpg Name-cheerilee.jpg Pv-bake-cheerilee.jpg

Cheerilee (G3.5)

MLPtwinklewishcheerilee.png 1e.jpg Celebrate-ch-rd.jpg


Daffidazeycartoon.jpg Daffidazey.jpg N/A


Kimono.PNG Kimono1.jpg McKimono.jpg


Mintycartoon.PNG Fav-minty.jpg Pv-minty.jpg

Peachy Pie

Peachypiecartoon.jpg Peachypie.JPG N/A

Pinkie Pie (G3)

Pinkiepiecartoon.jpeg Pinkie Pv-pinkie-pie.jpg

Pinkie Pie (G3.5)

MLPtwinklewishpinkiepie.png 35PinkiePie.jpg Pv-pinkiepie1.jpg

Rainbow Dash (G3)

Rainbowdashcartoon.jpeg Dash-pose.jpg Pv-rainbow-dash.jpg

Rainbow Dash (G3.5)

MLPtwinklewishrainbowdash.png Rd1st1.jpg Pv-rainbowdash1.jpg


Raritycartoon.jpg Rarityslh.JPG N/A

Scootaloo (G3)

Scootaloo2cartoon.jpg ScootalooHalloween.jpg Scoot-scootaloo1.jpg

Scootaloo (G3.5)

Scootaloo1cartoon.jpg 1u.jpg Ponyvillescootaloo.jpeg


Skywishescartoon.jpg Skywishes.JPG Pv-skywishes.jpg


Sparkle.PNG Sparkleworks.jpg Pv-sparkleworks2.jpg

Star Catcher

Starcatchercartoon.jpg Starcatcher.JPG N/A

StarSong (G3)

Starsong2cartoon.jpg StarsongHalloween.jpg Pv-fam-starsong.jpg

StarSong (G3.5)

Starsong1cartoon.jpg IMG Pv-starsong1.jpg

Sunny Daze

Sun.PNG Sunny Pv-sunnydaze.jpg


Sweetberrycartoon.jpeg Sweetberry.JPG Pv-sweetberry.jpg

Sweetie Belle (G3)

Sweetie Henna-sweetiebelle.jpg PVg3.5-sweetie-belle.jpg

Sweetie Belle (G3.5)

Sweetie SWBfirst1.jpg Popcorn-sb2.jpg

Thistle Whistle

Thistlewhistlecartoon.jpg Thstlewstle.JPG N/A


Tinkatinkatoocartoon.jpeg Tink-a-Tink-a-Too.jpg Pv-tink-a-tink-a-too.jpg

Toola-Roola (G3, I)

Photo Toolar1.JPG Pv-toola-roolaI.jpg

Toola-Roola (G3, II)

Toolaroolacartoon2.jpg Name-toolaroola.jpg Pv-toola-roola.jpg

Toola-Roola (G3.5)

Toolaroolacartoon1.jpg 3.5-toolaroola1.jpg Scooter-tr1.jpg


Waterfire.PNG Waterfire.JPG N/A


Zipzeecartoon.jpg Zipzee.jpg N/A

Movie Exclusive Characters

Earth Ponies

Pegasus Ponies

Unicorn Ponies

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