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Opinion The Real Reason the Gaza War Broke Out

The Netanyahu-Hamas axis: At Sheikh Jarrah, Damascus Gate and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, no mistakes were made by Israel, like journalists have you believe – policies were undertaken to inflame the area. The same goes for the rockets from Gaza


Whats Behind the Israeli Raid on D.C.

Delegations from the Mossad, Israel’s National Security Council and army flew to the U.S. for meetings on Iran, without preparing properly. The diplomatic paralysis is palpable. And for dessert, who the next head of the Mossad wants as his deputy


Revealed: How Israels Submarine Scandal Was Buried

As early as 2009, an inquiry was held into possible corruption in Israels bid to buy submarines from Germany. The secret probe, triggered by an anonymous whistle-blower, took testimony from high-ranking officials about signs of bribery – but the powers-that-be covered it up

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