Moscow, January 18, 2021 — Nornickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper, announces that Global Palladium Fund (GPF), founded by Nornickel, has launched Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC) for metals on Deutsche Börse giving markets low-cost access to commodity investment opportunities. The fund intends to Launch

href=>launch the ETCs on the London Stock Exchange within a few days.

GPF contributes physical palladium, platinum, gold and silver to the ETC instruments. Tokentrust AG provides the ETC programme with metal custody and additionally uses its Atomyze platform with Distributed Ledger Technology

href=>Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to immutably record metal information, granting an extra layer of security. The ETCs are offered at LME spot price with a competitive total expense ratio on the current market.

Anton Berlin, Nornickel’s Vice President, Sales and Distribution, commented: “The exchange traded products carry the benefit of financial assets with no restrictions pertaining to investing in LME deliverable metal and issuing warrants. They offer investors competitive cost of ownership and transaction fees”.

Marco Grossi, Tokentrust AG CEO, commented: “Our Atomyze platform, based on Distributed Ledger Technology

href=>Distributed Ledger Technology, brings the industrial and financial worlds together in a new Digital

Digital shares is a term used to refer to parts of ownership in a company divided between individuals who have bought them through making investments on token markets. Shares in the form of securities and equities provide individuals with the rights to make operational decisions and to choose the appropriate strategy for business-development. Holders of securities and equities are granted with such rights according to the number of digital shares possessed.

market ecosystem. Tokentrust as the operator of the Atomyze platform reaches this significant milestone thanks to our experienced team of specialists and business partners.”

Alexander Stoyanov, GPF’s CEO, commented: “Our way of digitalization of commodities allows one to capture and trace the source of underlying metals and the way they were produced, coupled with ESG credentials. Nornickel, whose products we carry, sets a new standard for responsible mining by fully endorsing the UN2030 charter and the existing LBMA source of metal standards. This gives our ETC platform a market-leading position and a clear differentiator.”

Tokentrust AG is a Swiss-based company aiming at digitizing and tokenizing the multifaceted commodities industry. Tokentrust provides the Atomyze platform, built on Hyperledger Fabric DLT, with the vision to bring new access, increased Liquidity

href=>liquidity, optimized efficiency, and improved transparency to the commodities industry through Tokenization

Tokenization is a blockchain term used to refer to the process of substituting sensitive data elements with a non-sensitive, encrypted blockchain element with the aim to improve the security. Such element is called a token and is being issued by companies during the crowdfunding in the form of a digital share, a security or equity. Tokenization of the businesses is one of the most recent developments and promising ways for companies to launch their services and goods on the market.

and Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a highly sophisticated digital system designed to simultaneously record the transactions of digital assets between different parties, companies, or governments on multiple servers with the aim to combat money laundering and illegal financial activity. DLT has seen the rise of its implementation in real sectors of economy in recent years and is believed to be the future of digital finance and banking.

href=>Distributed Ledger Technology

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