Fortnite: Chapter 2s Season 4 is finally here. There is one secret challenge that ties into the seasons overarching Marvel theme. Baby Groot, one form of the super tree, is hidden somewhere on the map, and if you find him youll get a special back bling. This guide will help you locate him quickly.

Where is Baby Groot?

Baby Groot is hidden in the nursery at Holly Hedges. Holly Hedges is a named location, so it shouldnt be hard to find. Dive into that location and head to the southwest corner area where a fence of hedges surrounds a little outdoor shopping area. Baby Groot will be surrounded by three potted plants. Simply walk up to them and pick him up.

Some players have reported that Baby Groot is not spawning every match, so be prepared to try this several times. If youre in this location and havent found him despite checking the plants, he likely isnt there at all. Hopefully Epic Games has a fix for that bug soon.

Its worth noting that you cannot play any of the Season 4 content on iOS devices. Apple has disabled the ability for Epic Games to further update the game. You can also not re-download it.

Fortnite Season 4 Baby Groot Location

What Do I Get For Finding Baby Groot?

Youll get the Sapling Baby Groot Back Bling when you find and collect Baby Groot. Its a throwback to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies where Groot sacrifices himself to save his friends. He doesnt die--he becomes a little baby tree instead. He still can only say I am Groot when hes a baby, but hes a whole lot cuter. Its so adorable, in fact, that it might distract you during a battle royale match. Keep your eye on the prize!

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