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Flavourful Italian classics, warm atmosphere, friendly service and generous portions for dine-in, carryout and delivery.

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    this is one of my favourite restaurants in oakville! their food is always fresh & delicious. we were lucky enough to dine in one last time before covid restrictions of dining in were placed back again. we actually arrived half an hour before closing - but were welcomed and not rushed out at all (some places would definitely do this). precautions were in place, like hand sanitizer everywhere and limited seating.

    my go to is their lobster and shrimp ravioli. always hits the spot! their penne is also delicious. definitely ordering take out soon again!

  • 5/6/2021

    Really hit and miss. The chicken fettuccine Alfredo was really good. The sausage penne pasta was very lackluster. It tasted like jarred tomato sauce from the grocery store. Garlic bread was great!

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    Delicious!! I was craving Italian food and thankfully this place was just nearby! The food and service was excellent! We came as a group of 6 so we ordered a number of plates to share and try! Everything was so
    flavourful but my absolute favorites were the polenta bites, the lobster and shrimp pasta, and the sticky toffee pudding.

    The sticky toffee pudding is a MUST TRY! We ordered it with a side of ice cream and it went perfectly with the warm spiced sponge cake!

    I recommend this place if youre in the Oakville area!

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    Love this place!!! Awesome place to enjoy top notch Italian food made from scratch!!! Someone at my work suggested me to try this place and now I am in love with this place!! Food is delicious with great flavours. The service is fantastic. Definitely going back to try out more!!
    I tried:
    Pasta Fritti: 10/10
    Mushroom Ravioli: 9/10
    Chicken pesto Pappardelle: 10/10
    Old fashioned ice cream float: 10/10
    Sticky Toffee pudding:10/10


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    How this place had 4 stars in previous reviews are beyond me! Those people must have never dined out before.
    First off we were a party of 11, they split us up against the wall divided us into two sections of 6 (3 tables each) but we wanted to be one big table, so we moved tables our selves.  The place was mostly empty middle of the week for lunch.

    Next was the food, the only decent part of the meal were I have to say the appetizers!  Pasta frutti which were like a nachos to share.  They tasted like deep fried wonton wrappers with cheese and gooey cream cheese, peppers, onions, olives and sausage and which was the delicious. The calamari frutti was decent, probably just frozen hen breaded and fried. The wings I did not try, as its probably only frozen.

    The worst was the mains. I thought this place specializes in Italian?
    My cousins Lobster Ravioli was over cooked, Im sure its just prepackaged? So all u had to do was boil it and toss it in sauce! Frozen cocktail shrimp on top with no taste! This was $27!!

    Can you think of whats worst then over cooked Pasta in an Italian restaurant?!? Im sure there are nonnas rolling in their grave!!
    I had the lunch special, chicken pesto penne with a side of Caesar salad. The lemon on the Caesar was frozen! So makes me think the salad must be well prepared in advanced! It was overly dressed just sprinkled with bacon and real grated Parmesan upon serving.  How does someone over cook pasta at an Italian restaurant?!? You have one job!
    It was soft and mushy! I prefer my pasta undercooked than over. Most of the dishes were over cooked.

    Their pizza let me tell you are medium deep dish pizza style from Pizza Hut. DONT ORDER Pizza unless u like them thickly carbed.  
    Lava cake was also overdone! Of course, not surprised, no lava, t was just over cooked chocolate cake.

    When the guy came and asked us whether everything was good good? After expressing the pasta could be better and less over cooked he barely acknowledged it, gave me a look and walked away. No sorry no apologies, no Ill let the chef know...

    If you want Italian best to drive a little further to a chain such as Scaddabush or Jamie Olivers than this crap of a place.

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    Weve eaten here twice and this is Oakville Italian at its finest (thats sarcasm). Its Italian in the way Olive Garden could be considered Italian. Its made for manga cakes.

    Food wasnt horrible, but it tasted like it came from a jar. Staff was friendly.
    Want good Italian food, go to Little Italy in Toronto

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    Not sure where to begin but this is probably one of the most negative reviews I have written for a restaurant.
    The ambiance is ok not overly impressive but the food is a distaste. The chefs must have never been to Italy, watched Italian dishes being made on YouTube or even know the basics of putting an Alfredo sauce together let alone cook the pasta al dente as it is supposed to be cooked.
    We were a party of 9 people (4 adults and 5 kids).
    The waitress was friendly but food took ages to come out, even the kids pre frozen chicken tenders.
    The food is really of lower quality than Olive Garden and the likes. The four cheese ravioli has some kind of cream cheese filling, the raviolis were overcooked and the sauce was more of a bechamel as opposed to cream sauce.
    The veal Limone came out as I have never seen or tasted it before. It was basically breaded veal with lemon juice squeezed on top of it. What da hell.
    My friend ordered a plate that had scallops on it and the scallops were like boiled not even seared properly.
    As an avid Traveller, I have been to Italy no less than 5 times in my life and this people is not Italian cuisine. No remote relation between the two.
    To add insult to injury the most of the food here is frozen and then dressed up, definitely not cooked from scratch in the kitchen. Happy we gave this place a try but definitely wont be coming back again. I do not recommend this place.

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    Incredibly good atmosphere. The restaurant is really clean and the staff are very friendly. They really make an effort to accommodate you. I had the rustic lasagna and is one of the best I have had. My daughter had the carbonara and they are not shy with the toppings! Lost and easy parking !

    Excellent service and food!!

  • 6/19/2020

    Had the colossal chicken sandwich added mushrooms, peppers/ came with a side of fries.  The bread was coated in garlic butter in anticipation of being toasted.  It was not toasted.   It had been heated enough to melt the butter, no crispness at all. It was a soggy mess.  Had to throw the bread away because it was too soggy to save under the broiler at sad.   The chicken cutlets were just a hair away from burnt. The poor chicken would have been embarrassed if it knew how it ended up. The fries you ask?   Surely the fries were a delight on the tongue?  The fries had to have been amazing and the vehicle for restaurant redemption!?  No again...also sadly soggy.  We go here occasionally, eat, and then remember why this restaurant isnt in our regular rotation.    Go across the street to the Funky Thai you wont regret it.

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    The Worst meal I have ever had with a capital W. All dishes came to the 25+ group Christmas dinner were unflavorful and extremely underseasoned. I wished to vomit after bite. In my own sarcasm I think they hired a Chinese chef to cook Italian dishes. Horrible fried calamari, absolutely no salt used. Nachos with 1/2 ounce of cheese and a 1/4 of an ounce sausage, no flavor. Even he managed to screw up a fried mozzarella sticks. Grand finale was the beef ribs, such a good cut of beef, s/he decided to baste it with bbq sauce.... the only good thing that I didnt pay for the meal. Its a celebration of bad taste. Depressed waiter, very generic menu. DONt EVEN TRY

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