Forex is the short form of Foreign Exchange. This is the market in which the currency pairs from different countries are exchanged or traded. Day trading is one of the measures with which you can open the trades in the morning and close them within 24 hours. Forex Day Trading can be considered as a practice through which you will be able to buy the currency pairs and sell them back on the same day for major profits. This is a short term trading technique which has been quite popular among the retail traders. It is one of the quickest methods with which you can get good returns on your investments.

There are several advantages of being involved in the field of day trading. Let us check out the advantages at first for better information.

Positive Aspects of Day Trading

  • Lost Cost

Forex trading has unusually low brokerage fees and commissions. In the sense of reality, the brokers do not ask for commissions in the forex market. There are spreads which are present within the currency pairs which are used as commissions for the forex brokers in day trade.

  • Higher Liquidity

The forex day trading market has more than enough market participants for better trades in the busy hours. This means that the highest form of liquidity is achieved when there is a major deviation in the prices. The trade orders can be filled in efficiently.

  • No Central Regulator

Foreign exchange can be considered as one of the over-the-counter markets which can operate in every part of the world. There is no central regulator who has the duty to manage the forex market. Exchange market does not require any kind of central regulator at its core.

  • Low Capital

Forex trading journey can begin when you are at the very base of the trading system. There are tight spreads in the currency pairs of the currency pairs and these amounts can be collected for your future investments as well.

  • Ease of Entry

There are many indicators which can help you to enter into the forex market. This can create a major opportunity for all traders who are interested in this form of trading. Jumping into day trading can turn out to be quite helpful as well.

These are the positive sides. In order to know a field fully, you have to look at the negative sides as well.

Negative aspects of Day Trading

The process of profit determination is quite complex. There is a certain lack of transparency which might come across to be dangerous for the new traders. The levels of risks are quite high in case of day trading ventures. The traders will have no form of assistance when they are in this field. They cannot ask for advice from the professionals as all are competitors in the field.


This can be your forex day trading guide if you are a beginner. Take your steps very carefully after assessing each area of risk so that there is nothing left that can take you away from success.

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