Check-in is the process by the end of which the air travellers are able to get the boarding passes for their flights. IndiGo Airlines, India’s premier airline by market share, provides check-in facility through its airport counters as well as using its website or mobile application. All information relating to Indigo Web Check in is mentioned here for use by passengers. Real screenshots from Indigo website guide passengers on how to perform this online check in.

Step-by-step guide to Indigo Web check in process

If you are booking Indigo tickets from its website, you will be automatically checked in. Here is the process:

  1. Visit and select the flight tickets you want, say for Chennai to Bangalore.


2. Provide passenger details, such as Title, Name, Street Address, Town/City, Country, State, Zip, Phone no, Alternate Phone No, Emergency Contact No, Emergency Relationship and Email Address.

3. Choose any additional service that you want. IndiGo provides options of IndiMeals, IndiBags, Lounge, IndiCakes, Fast Forward, Travel Insurance, Travel Extras, Good Karma and Seat Plus.


IndiBags services can be chosen for buying pre-paid excess baggage slabs of 5, 10, 15 and 30 kgs.

Fast Forward can be used for priority check in purposes.

  1. Next step is to select the seats of your choice. A graphic of an airplane seating plan will appear on screen. It will showcase which seats are premium, window or aisle seats, occupied, near the exit gate and others. You can choose the ‘right tick’ button to select seat which is unoccupied.


  1. After completion of this process, the will be notified to review the booking. This step also allows you to make changes to seat selection or add services once again before you finally confirm the check in.
  2. Thereafter, you will be taken to the payments page and will be asked to pay using different modes of payment.

If you have already booked the flight tickets and want to web check in, then,

  1. You will have to click the ‘Check In’ Tab in main navigation of home page of
  1. Provide

either    Booking Reference (PNR No) + Email ID,

or,         Booking Reference (PNR No) + First Name, Last Name, Origin and Destination.


Thereafter, there are simple steps which enable you to check in using the website of the airline.

Opening and Closing time of Indigo Online Check in process

Web check in opens 48 hours before and remains open till 2 hours prior to scheduled departure of flight.

In case, you have done the online check in but want to cancel the tickets, then this can be done online prior to 2 hours of scheduled time of flights. Else, you will have to call IndiGo call centre for the same.

In what cases Web Check in facility is not available?

  • International flights
  • Connecting flights
  • Infants on-board
  • Wheelchair bound passengers
  • Passengers with medical issues, such as pregnant women
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • More than 9 passengers travelling on same PNR

Passengers with only Cabin baggage

If you are not carrying any check in baggage and have checked-in online, then you can head off straight to security area skipping the airline airport check in with your printed boarding pass, valid ID proof and other required docs.

Passengers with Check in baggage

Domestic web check in facility is available for all Indigo domestic flights. But, if passengers want to carry check in baggage, they will have to arrive at drop-off counters which are currently present in select cities only. In other cities, the web checked in passengers with check-in baggage will have to be in regular queue. The cities in which the facility of drop-off counters is available are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmadabad, and Pune.

For tagging your bags, the bag tags would be issued at this designated drop-off counter.

Please note that travelers having checked in using online medium are required to have printed boarding passes. If they are not in possession of printed boarding pass, they will have to use the regular check in counter queue of the airport to get the same.

Video on Indigo Web Check In Process After Booking Tickets

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