The Guardian Fund is coming up on its ten-year anniversary. We started this organization recognizing a real need to support military and minority conservatives in Congressional elections. My intent was to provide resources to those who did not come from a background of self-funding, but their heart burned to serve our Nation in elected office. We had no idea back in 2011 that what we began would grow into a proven organization. Over these years, we have supported those who have become members of the US House of Representatives and Senate. We have become a standard bearer for candidates looking to serve our country again.

The Guardian Fund just experienced its best election cycle in our decade-long existence, and we are looking forward to the next ten years.

America needs a conservative movement that reflects the fabric of America. The Guardian Fund is not focused on identity politics, but rather dedicated and principled men and women who will represent the best of American constitutional conservative values, governing philosophy, and fundamentals. We seek out those who have served in uniform and seek to continue their service. We want those who will evidence courage, boldness, and impeccable character. We want those who will be Guardians of the Republic. So, please, support this phenomenal effort that has been battle tested and yielded impressive results.

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome and congratulate Lieutenant General Jack Bergman (US Marine Corps, Retired) as the new Chairman of the Guardian Fund. I have no doubt that LTG (Rep) Bergman will take the Guardian Fund to new heights. LTG Bergman will continue the standard of excellence that we have come to know of the Guardian Fund, and its recruited candidates.

God bless America, and I thank Him for the inspiration behind the Guardian Fund.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)
Member, 112th US Congress
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

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