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Risk High Risk Minimum SIP Amount ₹ 500.0
NAV 46.829 ( 30-Aug-2021) Minimum Investment ₹ 5000.0
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To provide capital appreciation by investing in Equity & equity related instruments, Arbitrage opportunities, and Debt & money market instruments.There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.

Basic Details
Fund House HDFC Mutual Fund
Inception Date 17 Sep 2004
Fund Category Balanced Equity
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Risk Category High Risk
AUM ₹2304.7981Cr
Investment Details
Minimum Investment ₹5000.0
Minimum Addl Investment ₹1000.0
SIP Allowed Y
Min SIP amount ₹500.0
Exit Load if redeemed bet. 0 year to 1 year exit load is 1%
Contact Details
Fund Manager    Anand Laddha,Anil Bamboli,Arun Agarwal,Dhawal Mehta,Gopal Agrawal,Krishan Daga,Prashant Jain,Vinay Kulkarni

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