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So my experience working for this company was like no other. Never having experience in this type of work I learned fast and was able to grow as a person as well as my work skills and ethic. It’s not for everyone but if you have a drive to learn, a thick skin, all while having the will to help others this is your job.


Free snacks & coffee, eclectic work environment, pet friendly.


Short breaks, rude customers

Good sales experience

I have sales experience with mostly things like student loans and mortgage loans, but this is something new for me and I really enjoy it. The hardest part about the job is convincing the potential client that what we are selling is real because it almost sounds too good to be true! We are calling business owners and telling them that we can get their business free money from the Stimulus bills that congress has passed. Some people think its too good to be true! lol

Interview was quick and easy

I was nervous about this interview (Nothing new). I was intimidated with how large the office was, but after meeting and talking to some employees my anxiety was relieved. Everyone is really nice. The interview was very quick. He just wanted to make sure I had a background in sales and that I was a confident closer. Ive been working here for about 2 weeks and I have no complaints.

Good Money

I have been working here for about a month and I can definitely say that the money is pretty good. We get the option of hourly or commission. I started off on hourly and once I felt more comfortable I moved to commission only. Once I switched to commission my checks were significantly larger. Very satisfied.

A job with great meaning.

I love my job. I really enjoy working with everyone and I love the value that we are providing for businesses. We reach out to business owners who are struggling during these tough times and we offer assistance by facilitating the application process for SBA loans and grants that are available. Every day I am helping someone save their business.

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Fast paced

Getting your foot in the door of your dream job can be a challenge. These tips and advice will help you with your application process and interview, as well as who you should be networking with to break into the field. This expert advice also delves into what a typical day in the life of this profession is like.How to get a Job as a Sales RepresentativeUnderstanding a product and the culture around it can help you get hired and boost sales, according to Ray Wright, executive director of the professional sales representative organization IPRO. A great sales representative must also be able to relate to customers. Empathy and orientation toward customer service are critical traits, Wright says. You need to get a certain amount of joy out of meeting customer needs. One of the most important characteristics of a good sales representative is the ability to listen.


Whatever they said about this company in the description or the interview. Just know this is 100% telemarketing. You’re targeting owners of small businesses to sell memberships. But 90 percent are wrong numbers, retired business owners, and 100% are people who have no interest in talking to you.

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