I had this same issue, “Your account has a trading restriction” There was over 25k in the account. It happened on 3/24/21. I’ve had the account since 2009, 1st time I had this issue. So I tried buying more of a stock I already owned. Still go same message. So I went to the message center in my account, there was an alert dated 3/24, the federal government mandates that you have a valid mailing address on file. Interesting because I’ve had the same address since opening account 12 years ago and had just gotten 2 pieces of mail the same week. Message instructed me to go to your profile and update address. I went to my profile and address was correct Of course because I hadn’t moved. It gets weirder, I looked at my beneficiaries just instinctively, and there should be two beneficiaries. There was only one beneficiary listed and the amount of my account she was to receive was -1%!! How can you be beneficiary getting < nothing!!! I Called Customer Service thinking my account had been hacked. All of their reps were assisting other customers Wait time was 20mins, so you can leave a number and they called back. Their bogus reasoning was that my trading was restricted “most likely hadn’t reach out to them in 36 months to let them know things were ok.” So that’s why they lock it by saying you don’t have valid address, that doesn’t even seem legal. I was not happy! So I ask about the beneficiaries not being there and the one that was there would have only received -1%!! The whole time I’m on this guy is in “CHAT” with other tech people then coming back with answers, none of which I’m liking. Ready for the best answer after an hour and a half. The beneficiaries issue was a “ glitch in the system” that just happened the day I looked and called them. I’m not buying it! So after they magically put the beneficiaries back to how they had been I tried to change them. I could not. So I called back and got a different rep for another 26mins. So I waited 24 hrs tried to change % on beneficiaries again and still will not let me. Telling me there’s an error to contact customer service. Interesting thing, I have 3 accounts, one TD manages, one has small amount money in mutual fund, the last one has the most money and I manage, which is the one I was restricted. I’m going to call them today and if there is not a VALID explanation all my accounts will be moving to another company!

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