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The JSW Group is a $13 billion leading conglomerate known across the country as strategic first mover


JSW Group is spearheading initiatives in core sectors like Steel, Energy, Cement, Infrastructure, Ventures, Paints & Sports


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Accelerating growth and prosperity through building and transforming is central to the JSW brand and forms the core of our purpose. It is the reason JSW exists and it is the mission we all doggedly follow. All of our initiatives – from building steel plants to setting up cement factories, to supporting sports and preserving heritage – have growth at their heart.

JSW Lays a Strong Foundation for IKEA’s Flagship Store in India.

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Yamuna expressway

Indias longest motorway at 165 kms.

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Dedicated Freight Corridor Project

Touching thousands of lives

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Himachal CM takes Indias Hydro Electricity story forward

Kutehr Hydro Electric Project

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Inaugural of Skill school by JSW Energy Barmer team

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Asian Championship 2019

SEP Athletes Shine Bright at the Asian Championships

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The State Of The Art Manufacturing Unit

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Improving Sanitation and Cleanliness in the villages

JSW Cement Team on a Mission

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JSW works towards improving agriculture in Ratnagiri

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Better Farms & Better Farmers lives

Transforming Livelihoods of Farmers in Maharashtra

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Reconstruction and Restoration Kedarnath

JSW Group signs MoU with Govt of Uttarakhand

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A Place Sloth Bears Call Home.

Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) at the Daroji Bear Sanctuary

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Building Cities

Developing rural area

Strengthening communities

Care for nature

Preserving culture

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