What Is Black Wheat ?

We may normally use white wheat for daily routine, but black wheat is much healthier as compared to white wheat. Black wheat has many health benefits and has many important nutrients and eating it also increases the body’s immunity. Black wheat contains antioxidants, B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, fibre and amino acids, which make this wheat rich in nutrients.

Assorted grains ( Black Wheat & Regular Wheat )

 Some of the Key Benefits of Black Wheat:

Reduce Obesity.

Diabetes Is Controlled.

Low Blood Pressure.

Cholesterol Level Does Not Increase.

Remove Constipation.

How Black Wheat Introduced?

The species of wheat are introduced year ago but after research of many years. The black wheat was produced in the National Agro-food Biotechnology Institute University, Mohali Punjab, in 2017. As per the latest news, the institute has a patented Black Wheat now.

How Black Wheat Introduced?

What makes black wheat different in color is the pigment named “Anthocyanin” that also determines the colors of fruits and vegetables. The concentration of these pigments determines the color of other natural edibles. Regular wheat has a 5ppm (Parts-Per-Million) concentration of anthocyanin; on the other hand, black wheat grain is reported to have around 100-200ppm of anthocyanin (exact figures: 140 ppm). This makes black wheat, scientifically, a healthier option. These Anthocyanin are the naturally occurring antioxidants that develop in a field at the time of grain filling, hence enriching the wheat with loads of nutritional value.

Regular Wheat

Anthocyanin Content: 5 ppm
Zinc content: 28%
Iron: 25%  

Black Wheat

Anthocyanin Content: 140 ppm (100-200 ppm)
Zinc content: 35% more
Iron: 60% more  

Difference Between Regular & Black Wheat

Recipe To Use Black Wheat:

Meetha Black Wheat Dalia

  • Roast 1 cup (100 gm) black wheat dalia in ghee.
  • Add 2 cups (250 ml approx.) of water. Cook till done.
  • Then add sugar according to taste.
  • Garnish with saffron & cardamom.
  • For richness use dry fruits & berries as you like.
  • Serve hot.

Black Wheat Dalia Khichdi

  • Roast 1 cup (100 gm) black wheat dalia in ghee.
  • Add 2 cups (250 ml approx.) of water and cook.
  • Add Mix Vegetable & Salt to taste & Cook Till Done.
  • Serve Hot.

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