History of 22K Gold Price per Carat

DateGold Rate in US Dollar
Today $10.705 USD
Yesterday $10.674 USD
Sun, 29th Aug $10.711 USD
Sat, 28th Aug $10.711 USD
Fri, 27th Aug $10.719 USD
Thu, 26th Aug $10.565 USD
Wed, 25th Aug $10.556 USD
Tue, 24th Aug $10.632 USD
Mon, 23rd Aug $10.635 USD
Sun, 22nd Aug $10.499 USD
Sat, 21st Aug $10.499 USD
Fri, 20th Aug $10.504 USD
Thu, 19th Aug $10.499 USD
Wed, 18th Aug $10.531 USD
Tue, 17th Aug $10.521 USD
Mon, 16th Aug $10.535 USD
Sun, 15th Aug $10.490 USD


Welcome to the 22k Carat Gold Rate in USA. The current price of 22K in US Dollar and updated according to New York (USA) time (GMT-04:00). GoldPriceZ.com provides the latest prices in the current exchange rate of US Dollar (USD). Both gold and currency prices (e.g., US Dollar) are being updated after every minute. Today (on 31 August, 2021) the 22K Gold Price per Carat in USA = 10.71 USD.

What is Carat?
It is standard unit for measuring diamonds. For example,
1 carat of gold= 0.00643015 Troy Ounce (oz)
or 1 Carat =0.2 Gram (g).

Please note! on this website, the carat mean a unit of weight.

What is different between Karat and Carat?
As mentioned above, carat is unit of weight, while Karat is purity level e.g., 24 Karat gold = 99.99% pure.
23 Karat Gold = 95.83% pure.
For other level of purities e.g., 22k, 21k. .1k formula is (karat 24) x 100

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