Suyash Choudhary, Head – Fixed Income, IDFC AMC, said in a note that the current situation in the bond market has triggered them to raise cash levels in their actively managed bond and gilt funds.

For any development finance institution to be viable, two things have to be in place — funds that would be available for 10-15 years, and projects that earn income for the investing institution. The framework, as announced by Sitharaman on Tuesday, is sketchy for now.

Investors in various debt mutual fund categories have taken a hit on account of the rise in the bond yields in the past few weeks. Long-term debt schemes, dynamic bond funds and Banking and PSU Debt schemes have shed 0.5%-2.4% in the past month or so.

The expectation of a post-tax monthly amount of Rs 2 lakh is slightly on the higher side given the interest rate scenario and taxation regime. You can even choose a large-cap oriented tax-saving mutual fund as it would cater to your 80C requirements.

Bank and financial institution backed fund houses have gained market share in the fixed income space, showing both retail as well as institutional investors are more comfortable with them in the fixed income space.

We must also recognise the risk inherent in certain debt strategies, which can be proactively managed but not eliminated. Thus, mutual fund selection should be based on investor’s specific needs, risk appetite and horizon, says Vishal Kapoor CEO, IDFC AMC.

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Data compiled from Accord Fintech showed SBI Mutual Fund dumped big banking and telecom names and bought relatively smaller companies from financials and consumer discretionary sectors.

Most mutual fund advisors have been asking their hassled clients to stick to overnight funds, liquid funds, corporate bond funds, and banking & PSU funds. If the investors is extremely cautious, they have been asking them to stick to overnight funds and liquid funds.

Both gilt and long duration funds have enjoyed a good run for over two years now. Ever since the central bank embarked on a series of rate cuts from mid-2018, returns from such funds have soared.

“The fall in the market has made stocks cheap compared to their current fair value which made us increase equity allocation,” says Vinay Paharia, chief investment officer, Union Mutual Fund.

Recent rise in returns may not sustain. Investors should restrict exposure to 20% in their debt fund portfolio.

The index-like structure of these funds and their low cost makes them a good investment proposition.

Wealth managers believe 2018 is going to be a volatile year, given high crude oil prices and the upcoming elections.

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Investors should review their fund portfolios regularly to weed out the laggards.

The New Fund Offer (NFO) of the open-ended income fund will be open for subscription till February 27.

Cos can now raise funds in local bond market at cheaper costs, after the move sparked a flood of cash into banks that have plowed the money into debt securities.

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